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Visual Studies PhD at University of California

The University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) announced a call for applications to its PhD programme in Visual Studies. This interdisciplinary programme is designed for students with diverse academic backgrounds from across the arts and humanities who wish to pursue a graduate degree focused on the social and cultural production of human vision and on the distinctive roles played by art and artefacts in societies from around the globe. Faculty research areas include cultural production in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific Islands. The programme employs a wide range of visual evidence for examination, without being constrained by traditional hierarchies of art and art history. Fine arts, architecture, photography, film, performances, utilitarian objects, and popular entertainments are all primary source material for scholars in the field. The flexibility of the program allows students to work closely with their advisor and the Director of Graduate studies to craft a personalized course of study that advances their intellectual and professional goals.

For more information on the programme, faculty and application requirements, please visit havc.ucsc.edu.

For additional information, please contact Graduate Program Coordinator, Ruby Lipsenthal at visualstudies@ucsc.edu