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Global Youth Essay Competition: Are Citizens of the World Succeeding in Lessening Global Poverty?

Established in October 2007, the Gülen Institute is a non-profit research organization dedicated to the promotion of peace and civic welfare. Gülen Institute Youth Platform is an international essay contest annually organized by the Gülen Institute at the University of Houston, and is open for high school students in grades 9 through 12, enrolled in public or private schools all over the world. The contest challenges young minds to identify the obstacles to stable peace and social harmony and to offer possible solutions from their own cultural perspectives. The Youth Platform also offers a unique opportunity for cross-cultural understanding, as contest winners are invited to share their essays and engage in respectful dialogue with their peers from around the world.

The Gülen Institute offers research grants and scholarships, organizes lecture series at the University of Houston, and facilitates workshops and panel discussions that attract academics from around the world. Lecture series and panel discussions provide a platform for diverse analyses of the contemporary world. The Institute also offers cultural exchange trips to graduate students at the University of Houston in the belief that by bringing people of diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds together, the Gülen Institute can advance mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation. The Gülen Institute is a joint initiative of the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston and the Dialogue Institute of Southwest. This collaboration has allowed both organizations to deepen their commitments to peace and social justice.

The 2015 Youth Platform Topic is: Are Citizens of the World Succeeding in Lessening Global Poverty? Poverty entails limitations upon populations in education, finance, human potential, substance and shelter, gender class differences, all limitations that tax food sources, curtailing the potential of the cultures' youth, loss of capital in maintenance and little for developing sustainable of wealth. Ending global poverty constitutes a major goal of humanity. There have been many innovative proposals and projects implemented to achieve this goal, several ways of measuring the results of innovative efforts, and considerable publicity to disseminate the results of the effective innovations.

Important dates: 15 December 2014 - deadline for the submission of essays, 23 January 2015 announcement of results.

For more information, please see: gulenyouthplatform.org/new/topic-and-resources/?utm_source=OpenNetworksCRM&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=OpenNetworksCRM