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Call for MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT)

The Master of Science in Art, Culture, and Technology at MIT is a rigorous two-year program for artist-thinkers who seek to advance their critical and production practices. Research, pedagogy, and MIT's culture of scientific inquiry and transdisciplinary approach inform artistic explorations in cinema and its migrations, art in the public sphere, performance, video, photography and related media, and spatial and sonic experimentation. ACT Graduate students are challenged to question the aesthetic, historical, cultural, social, and ethical implications of their work. Critical thinking, knowledge mining, and creative engagement, along with explorations of changing public and private spheres are of particular relevance.

In addition to engaging in transdisciplinary projects with researchers in departments, labs, and centers at MIT, ACT faculty work with scholars and institutions in the US and around the globe, bringing external reviewers, artists, speakers, and students to visit and collaborate with the ACT community. The Office of the Arts at MIT and the List Visual Arts Center extend the opportunities for collaboration and exchange with internationally recognized artists and scholars through a number of programs, grants, and exhibitions.

Artists and cultural producers with diverse backgrounds and innovative transdisciplinary practices are encouraged to apply. Admission is based on a careful examination of the applicant's artistic and academic record, including relevant samples of completed work, a statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation.

Application deadline is 31 December 2014.

For more information please contact: MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technology, School of Architecture + Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 77 Massachusetts Avenue, E15-212, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA; tel.: +1 617 253 5229; e-mail: act@mit.edu; act.mit.edu