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Launch of the Québec Digital Culture Plan

Since 2010, Québec's Ministère de la Culture et des Communications has been carrying out a far-reaching consultation process with a range of private and public sector organizations to determine the actions to take in the field of culture to bring Québec into the digital era.

In September 2014, the Québec government launched the Québec Digital Culture Plan, which will ensure the vitality of Québec culture and promote it on local, national, and international markets. It will notably help the culture industry make a smooth transition into the digital age, ensuring that this sector remains a vital part of the Québec economy, able to compete internationally. The Plan has three main thrusts:

  1. Create digital cultural content;
  2. Innovate to adapt to cultural content;
  3. Disseminate digital cultural content to make it more accessible.

A new discussion forum on this topic has been created on the Cocoriko online platform. The general public as well as digital creators and experts are invited to share their views on issues related to the spread of digital culture in Québec and beyond. The organization responsible for organizing and moderating discussions is Culture pour tous, whose mission is to promote and democratize arts and culture in Québec.

To find out more, please visit the Québec Digital Plan website (French only).