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Rurban Artstructions (Worldwide) Call for Entries

The Rurban Artstructions project seeks creative individuals, artists and development advocates from around the world to reflect on the importance of sustainable development with an emphasis on soil. All artists, development experts and other creative and concerned individuals are invited to reflect on the Rurban Artstructions themes and present works related to it. Artworks, stories, articles, and other relevant works are welcome.

2015 is the International Year of Soils, promoting the theme of Healthy Soils for a Healthy Life, that conveys critical messages on the importance of sustainable soil management as the basis for all agricultural development, ecosystem functions and food security, and as key to sustaining life on Earth!

Rurban Artstructions is organized/curated by Arts for Global Development, Inc., an international, educational 501(c)3 tax-exempt organisation promoting the utilization of creativity to further an inter-disciplinary, multi-sectoral and cross-cultural approach in socio-economic development, and working primarily with disadvantaged communities, children, youth and women worldwide.

The deadline for submissions is 5 June 2015.

For more information and submission guidelines, please visit www.art4development.net