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Cultural Climate Barometer 2015: How to Judge the Cultural Climate in a Country?

In order to find an answer to questions such as: (i) What are the conditions for the vitality of cultural life in a country?; (ii) What are the main characteristics of its environment?; (iii) Which are the strengths and the weaknesses (and opportunities and threats)?; (iv) What kind of cultural policy model prevails?, the Budapest Observatory (Regional Observatory on Culture in East-Central Europe) launched the Cultural Climate Barometer on 2 November 2015. The link to the survey will be alive for five weeks. Based on responses from the actors of the culture scene in as many countries of Europe and beyond as possible, the report will tell the main similarities and differences between the respective cultural ecologies. Changes from the previous 2014 edition will also be highlighted.

Link to the 2015 survey: www.surveygizmo.eu/s3/90004800/57043646710d

2014 Cultural Policy Barometer edition: www.budobs.org/files/barometer_report_14_full.pdf

For more information, please visit: www.budobs.org/cultural-climate-barometer.html