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Creative Partners

Creative Partners is an initiative from Euclid, the UK's leading independent provider of information and advice on EU funding opportunities for the arts and culture sector. In order to help arts and cultural organizations in their attempts to work across Europe (on trans-national projects, EU funding applications or touring their work) and to search for partners, Euclid has launched two initiatives:

  • Creative Partners Directory - a summary directory of arts and cultural organizations who are seeking partners, especially those who are seeking to participate in project applications to the EU in 2016. This initial directory will: (i) be downloadable from the Euclid website; (ii) be promoted via mailings to a range of contacts throughout Europe (the contact points for a number of the key EU programmes in all eligible countries - Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Interreg, etc., key European networks and agencies, and also directly to Euclid's extensive mailing list of individual arts and culture contacts in Europe);
  • Creative.Partners Website (www.creative.partners/) - a free platform where people can search for partners for their projects. Creative.Partners website aims to help arts and culture organizations to list themselves as looking for partners, or to search for partners. The service is not limited to Europe, though it does allow listings to indicate if they are searching for partners for specific EU funding programmes, including Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Horizon 2020, Life+, and Interreg A/B. The website includes a map which provides an artform coded pin for every entry. There are already over 30 listings, from Croatia, Cyprus, Norway, Poland, Spain and the UK, and it is expected that this will increase significantly across Europe and beyond.

For more information, please visit: www.euclid.info or contact: Euclid International, 1/1 Jersey Street, Manchester M4 6JA; United Kingdom; e-mail: info@euclid.info