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2016 Call for Research on Cultural and Creative Spillovers

Initiated by the European research partnership, consisting of Arts Council England (ACE), the Arts Council of Ireland, Creative England, the european centre for creative economy (ecce) and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), the research call on Testing Innovative Methods to Evaluate Cultural and Creative Spillovers in Europe follows the commissioning and publication of the 2015 report on Cultural and Creative Spillovers in Europe, authored by the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (UK).

The research will focus on testing hypotheses around the innovative evaluation methods of cultural and creative spillovers in case studies across EU28, EU candidate countries and the Eastern Partnership Countries. Individual or a consortium bid(s) are solicitated from parties interested in completing case studies in different nations. The case studies will document, evaluate and make recommendations based on arts, cultural and creative activity / projects / developments where cultural and creative spillover effects have been evaluated or might be evaluated using and testing innovative methods. The output will be a report commenting on and delivering recommendations on the efficacy of methodological approaches used in different settings to measure spillover effects and on future methodological approaches to investigating spillover effects. One case study should be priced in the range of 5,000 to 15,000 EUR (including VAT or equivalent and all expenses); multiple case study bids must cost no more than 45,000 EUR (including VAT or equivalent and all expenses).

The call is open to public and private universities and their departments, other public or private scientific/research institutions of at least three years professional experience, as well as to individual researchers with at least a PhD qualification.

The deadline for the receipt of tender proposals is 8 April 2016.

For more information, please visit: https://ccspillovers.wikispaces.com/Research+call+2016

For further questions regarding the tender process, please contact: Nadine Hanemann, Project Manager, Research & Evaluation, ecce, Dortmund, Germany, e-mail: hanemann@e-c-c-e.com