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Ecapital Culture - Adriatic Start-Up School

Call for Ideas

The Ecapital Culture - Adriatic Start Up School is intended for young people from the Countries of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia), motivated to give birth to a business aimed at enhancing the cultural heritage of the area. The main purpose of the project is the economic development of cultural tourism in that area, through the creativity and the talent of young future entrepreneurs. The cultural heritage of the Adriatic Macro Region offers the opportunity to develop innovative start-ups that can attract cultural tourism of special interest and economic value. The first edition, carried out in 2015, obtained success and international relevance, involving 25 young participants coming from the Macro Region, who developed their business idea through the implementation of their own business plans.

This second edition of the project is promoted and financed by Fondazione Marche, the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona, Università Politecnica delle Marche, the City of Ancona and Istao and is addressed to young future entrepreneurs belonging to the different countries of the Macro Region (a specific call is dedicated to young people coming from the Marche Region in Italy), who will have the opportunity to attend the School and to be hosted in Ancona for two months for free, thanks to the scholarships offered by Promoters and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

The call is open between 15 July and 15 September 2016, and the school at Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona, Italy) will start on 17 October and finish on 16 December 2016.

For any further information, please contact the Organizing Secretariat at aim@ecapital.it or visit the website of the project at startupschool.ecapital.it