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TRACES Journal

Call for Papers

The TRACES Project - Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production - investigates the challenges and opportunities raised when transmitting complex pasts and the role of difficult heritage in contemporary Europe. The outcomes of the research and items for discussion can be shared through the TRACES Journal, which was launched within this European research project and is published every four months. The journal aims to explore emerging issues in the field of heritage and museum studies, and focuses on practices that are influenced by different disciplines while boosting innovative approaches and experimental research actions.

TRACES invites scholars, researchers, artists, educators with the widest range of backgrounds, specialisation and perspectives to submit innovative and critical reflections on the theme of Contested Heritages in Europe, in the form of short or full papers aimed at illustrating and assessing creative and reflexive formats, tools and strategies of heritage transmission with the arts as building blocks for a new European identity. Contributions investigating the story and cultural influence of sites of memories will be particularly welcome, as well as papers addressing the ways in which artistic practices, exhibitions, museums and education centres reflect the contentious heritage and provide an opportunity for a public debate, in order to identify, assess and evaluate creative and reflexive formats, research tools and strategies of heritage transmission with the arts.

The project has opened a call for papers for the third issue of TRACES Journal to be published in May 2017, at: www.traces.polimi.it/2016/10/25/call-for-papers-mag03/

The deadline for submissions is 9 January 2017.