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Canon Foundation Research Fellowships

Contributing to international understanding between Europe and Japan, the Canon Foundation offers each year up to 15 Research Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. The Canon Foundation in Europe is a philanthropic, grant-making institution, active in the promotion of international cultural and scientific relations between Europe and Japan. It was established in 1987 by Canon Europa N.V., Canon's European Headquarters. Its goal is achieved by providing Research Fellowships to postgraduate students and researchers.

Canon Foundation welcomes applications from all fields of research. European Fellows pursue a period of research in Japan and Japanese Fellows at host institutions in Europe. Fellowships are awarded for periods of at least three months up to a maximum of one year. Candidates need to have obtained at least their Master's degree within the past ten years. Exceptional candidates who received their qualification more than ten years prior to application will also be considered. These candidates are required to provide further supporting information in their application. Non-nationals are required to have permanent citizenship in either Europe or Japan.

The deadline for applications is 15 September 2017.

To apply, please visit the Canon Foundation website and register for an online application form at https://forms.canonfoundation.org/register.php

For more information, please contact: Canon Foundation, P. O. Box 2262, 1180 EG Amstelveen, The Netherlands; e-mail: foundation@canon-europe.com; www.canonfoundation.org