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b.creative - A Wide Network of Creative Entrepreneurs

Built on a community of around 2200 creative entrepreneurs, networks and associations throughout the world, b.creative facilitates the convergence of various artistic and creative competences, technical, scientific and entrepreneurial skills in order to generate social and economic innovation. b.creative - the global event for creative entrepreneurship - took place in Shanghai, China in November 2017, acknowledging the constitution of a wide international network of creative entrepreneurs as a result of the two-year European Creative Tracks 2015 - 2017 project, which, through an active online platform and the organization of two major events and 7 workshops, has been connecting thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide. The conference was organised in the context of the High Level People to People Dialogue (HPPD) Summit on Education, Culture and Youth, strengthening cultural relations between the European Union and China.

The b.creative network brings together a global community of creative entrepreneurs, facilitating new collaborations, encouraging innovative projects and cultural exchanges. The network will find its place and role in ongoing policies at the European level, as well as at the level of cities and enterprises:

  • in the context of EU policies supporting innovation, international cultural relations, creative spaces and the mobility of artists, cultural operators and creative entrepreneurs;
  • in cities working on their economic and social development, supporting creative ecosystems, international attractiveness and local talents; and
  • for cultural and creative SMEs wishing to go international.

The organisers will continue to grow the network, increase the visibility of the b.creative challenge, organise b.creative events and influence policy making to ensure support to the new generation of cultural and creative companies.

For more information, please contact: Clementine Daubeuf at cdaubeuf@keanet.eu; www.keanet.eu; bcreativetracks.com