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Industrial heritage Campaign during the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Call for Presentations

The European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage (EFAITH) is preparing a specific campaign to highlight the industrial heritage during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, to be conducted through thematic months. Through twinning, EFAITH aims at establishing links and cooperation between industrial heritage associations from different countries in order to exchange ideas and experiences, to support each other's activities and campaigns. The main project concerns a series of thematic months aiming to put the focus on, and engage citizens for the industrial heritage in each country. During each of these months specific topics will be highlighted throughout Europe. By celebrating and promoting a different aspect or theme of industrial heritage in every month of 2018, the public awareness about this dimension of cultural heritage would be strengthened. Each month the same topic should be set into the foreground in all countries, Europe-wide, thus mobilizing associations, institutes, museums and volunteers.

The monthly themes are the following: March - Energy and Power, from Mills to Nuclear Energy; April - Mines and Quarries, and the Production of Metals; May - Factory Chimneys; June - The Urban Environment and the Industrial City, from Workers' Housing to Urban Services such as Water Distribution and Sewers; July and August - Travel and Transport, by Land, Water and Air; September - European Open Heritage Days; October - Adaptive Re-use of and New Life for Industrial Buildings; November - Concluding Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on Industrialization, Science and Technology - Key to European Integration.

Other projects can also be added to one of these months: open doors, guided visits, conferences or workshops, exhibitions, happenings or shows. The objective is to be creative and to put the focus on your own industrial heritage. For activities organized within the framework of the themes of the month, you can apply for the official label of the European Year of Cultural Heritage through EFAITH.

For more information and to join the campaign, please visit: industrialheritage.eu/EYCH2018-theme-months