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Nordisk Kulturpolitisk Tidskrift (Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy), No. 2/2004

Edited by Jørn Langsted

Centre for Cultural Policy Research, Borås, 2004, 296 pp., ISBN 1404-3216

The Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. It aims to create a forum for cultural policy research in the Nordic countries, stimulating debates on cultural policy issues and spreading relevant cultural policy information to the rest of the research community. Most of the articles are written in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish, but they include summaries in English.

This edition of Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy contains 11 articles and three recessions. Three articles are written in English: Political Dimensions of Cultural Policy: The Urgent Need of Policy Analysis in Cultural Policy Research by Michalel Wimmer, The Real Politik of Cultural Policy Making by Ruth Bereson and The Human Development Report 2004: A Model For Cultural Policy Research by Carl-Johan Kleberg. Michael Wimmer would like to make clear that it might be scientifically productive to look at cultural policy not only as an instrument to turn the local, regional or national cultural infrastructure properly, but also as an instrument to use this infrastructure to enforce specific social and political interests. He uses Austrian history as a source for cultural policy research because compared to other countries the relationship between public authority and culture is traditionally very close in Austria. Ruth Bereson explain that terms like 'Civilization', 'Creativity', 'Culture' and 'Democracy' are being used as propagandist tags, that they are designed to mask the immediate confusions and errors of political (and military) actions. Carl-Johan Kleberg writes an article about the annual Human Development Report. Its 2004 issue theme is "Cultural Liberty in Today’s Diverse World". This is an important issue for anybody involved in cultural development. The report is probably the most important cultural policy research report on the international level since 'Our Creative Diversity' was published in 1995. Kleberg aim is not to present and discuss the message articulated in the report, but to present the report as a model for future cultural policy research.

Søren Kjørup writes that evaluative research may be roughly characterized as belonging to the instrumental social science. The purpose of his article is to describe a possible alternative that would rather belong to the humanities. In an article Cultural policy research for better municipal decisions, Ants Viirman from the Swedish Association of Local Authorities Throws light on the lack of a continuous and open dialogue between the municipalities and the research community. The article by Charlotte Rordam Larsen and Ansa Lønstrup describe the history of the Danish music funding system since the Musiklov came into force in 1976. The next article by Per Sundgren analyzes the history of cultural policy (education) in Sweden, questioning differences and antagonism of opinion between the left and right, between the labour movement and the non-Socialistic parties. Lotte Kofod Erichsen presents a case study of Århus-based organization Kultursamvirket, and the political process in Århus throughout 2002 – 2004, leading up to the formulation of the local cultural policy Kulturpolitik 2004 – 2007. The article argues that the political process reflect the theories of network governance and concludes that an understanding of the logic of network organizations is essential to cultural organization today. Louise Ejgod Hansen article contains an analysis and discussion of Dutch theatre policy.

The journal also includes two articles by Jorn Langsted, professor of dramaturgy at the University of Aarhus who is currently editor-in-chief of Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy.

If you wish to subscribe and receive two issues per year, the prices are SEK 300 (approximately 33 Euro) for institutions, companies etc, and SEK 150 (approximately 17 Euro) for private persons. Prices include postage but exclude VAT (6 %).

For more information, please contact: Anders Freander, Director of the Centre for Cultural Policy Research, e-mail: anders.frenander@hb.se or
Jenny Johannisson, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University College of Borås, SE-501 90 Borås, Sweden; tel.: +46 33 435 44 28, e-mail: jenny.johannisson@hb.se