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Announcement of New Publication

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A Guide to European Union Funding: Accessing Europe's Largest Donor

European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), Brussels, 2005, € 39.00, ISBN: 2-87451-001-7

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) launched the 11th edition of its Guide to European Union Funding: Accessing Europe's Largest Donor. This fully revised and updated guide constitutes an essential handbook for organizations seeking to learn more about the topics discussed in its five sections:

  • EU funding – How is the EU’s budget decided upon? What does it take to be a successful EU fundraiser? What to look for when filling out funding applications.
  • Foundations – How do European foundations function? How can your organization receive co-funding from independent foundations and corporations?
  • Structural Funds, Cohesion Funds – How do structural funds work and how can they be accessed? How can you increase your chances of accessing structural funds?
  • Internal Budget Lines – Which lines are open to NGOs? Who to contact? Areas covered: Environment, education and culture, health, employment & social affairs and civil society.
  • External Budget Lines – Which lines are open to NGOs? Is your organization eligible? What is the status of the "deconcentration" process? Areas covered: Humanitarian and development aid, human rights, refugees and different geographical areas.

This practical handbook includes tips on how to apply, whom to contact for further information on each programme and links to websites and email addresses.

For more information, contact: European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), 83 Rue du Prince Royal, 1050 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: +32 2 548 04 98; fax: +32 2 548 04 99; e-mail: r.omondi@ecas.org; http://www.ecas.org/Publications/2374/default.aspx?ID=294