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Technological Park Culture

By Milena Deleva

The Force of Example Publication Series, No. 2, Policies for Culture, European Cultural Foundation & Ecumest Association, Sofia, 2004, 54 pp.

Prepared by Milena Deleva and published by the European Cultural Foundation and the Ecumest Association as the second issue of their The Force of Example Publication Series, the Policies for Culture case study entitled Technological Park Culture, is based on the action projects "Technological Park Culture I & II" that were implemented between 2001 and 2003. The bilingual publication appeared in English and Bulgarian, setting out the structure and results, as well as the methodology and the processes involved in the implementation of the project.

The author emphasizes that "the project emerged as a distinctive process of civil society development with the aim of playing the role of both observatory and laboratory in the field of cultural policy development in Bulgaria". One of the project's main objectives was to create an adequate and active role for researchers and experts in the process of cultural policy making, setting up a network of researchers and relevant structures for the analysis and the change of the cultural situation throughout the country.

The project's main activities included a pre-project survey and project design, a seminar, three round tables, the final conference and the creation of a website, through which the project aimed to strengthen the National Civil Forum Culture as a civil representation on the national and the regional level; to build the Technological Park Culture Association as an inter-university institution, in order to ensure effective participation of university experts and researchers in cultural policy processes; and to establish sustainable partnerships and coalitions between the main stakeholders in the field of culture.

The Force of Example Publication Series aims to provide case studies on processes of participative cultural policy-making in South-East Europe, offering best practice examples of projects realized within the Policies for Culture framework.

For further information, please see www.tpc.cult.bg or www.policiesforculture.org