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Announcement of New Publication

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Whose Culture Is It? Transgenerational Approaches to Culture

Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe (CIRCLE), 2005

A selection of papers and the conclusions from the round table meeting of experts on the subject of Transgenerational Approaches to Culture, held by CIRCLE in Barcelona, Spain in December 2004, have been collated in a publication of the same title. The publication is available from the CIRCLE secretariat.

A set of questions were sent to CIRCLE members in over 35 countries in an attempt to collate expert opinions and statistics on the state of youth culture, in contrast to cultural practices of other generations. Prior to the meeting, the survey results were made available to all participants in the form of a conference reader, also available online in HTML format at http://www.circle-network.org/activity/barcelona2004/

For more information see http://www.circle-network.org/activity/barcelona2004.htm or contact Magda Kopczyńska, CIRCLE Secretariat, PKPP - Polish Confederation of Private Employers, Brussels Office, 49 Rue de Treves, Bte 7, 1040 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: 02/285 06 16; fax: 02/230 70 35