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Announcement of New Publication

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Revista de Ciencias Sociales

No. 103-104, 2004 (I-II), University of Costa Rica, San Josť, Costa Rica, 2005

The University of Costa Rica published a new issue of its Revista de Ciencias Sociales (no.103-104), dedicated to the study of Culture at the Root of Politics in Latin America, an important theme in view of the rapid changes taking place on the continent and considering the hypothesis that political change is not possible without cultural change. Referring to the close relation between culture and politics, many of the articles in the current issue prove this hypothesis to be true.

For more information see http://revistacienciassociales.ucr.ac.cr/ or contact Revista de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Costa Rica, Apartado Postal 75, 2060 Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, San Josť, Costa Rica; e-mail: editucr@cariari.ucr.ac.cr