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Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe

Position Paper of Europa Nostra, the Pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage, Bergen, Norway, 2005

Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe is a position paper prepared by Europa Nostra's European Policy Working Group and adopted by the Europa Nostra Council at its meeting held in Bergen, Norway in June 2005. The paper serving as Europa Nostra's contribution to the renewed debate on the future strategy and action for culture and cultural heritage of the European Union was presented to the European Parliament Committee. It calls for a comprehensive and coherent EU strategy especially in the field of cultural heritage, making full use of the 'complementary competences' under the present EU-treaty and the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe. It should encompass EU action in its cultural programmes as well as in all other areas having a direct or indirect impact on cultural heritage.

Such an EU heritage strategy needs to be developed in close consultation with the organized civil society committed to the safeguarding of our cultural heritage. These local, regional and national organizations represent the mostly voluntary work of millions of Europeans who care for our common cultural heritage. Therefore, this position paper focuses on the work of civil society organization as central to the EU strategy in this field.

The EU strategy will also have to take fully into account the experience of international organizations in this field, such as the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

The paper focuses on six main aspects:

  • the cultural dimension of the European integration process needs to be further enhanced;
  • cultural heritage has multiple benefits for Europe today;
  • a structured dialogue with the organized civil society as an asset;
  • towards a comprehensive EU strategy and action benefiting cultural heritage;
  • EU action directly linked to culture and cultural heritage;
  • for an enhanced cooperation and coordination of action with international organizations.

The full paper is available for online viewing and downloading in HTML and PDF format at http://www.europanostra.org/lang_en/position_paper/
and http://www.europanostra.org/downloads/documents/

For more information, please contact: Europa Nostra, Lange Voorhout 35, NL - 2514 EC Den Haag, The Netherlands; tel.: +31.70.302.40.51./53./55./57; fax: +31.70.361.7865; www.europanostra.org