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All that Dutch - International Cultural Politics

By Ben Hurkmans, George Lawson, Gitta Luiten, Taco de Neef, Henk Pröpper, Femke van Woerden-Tausk, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam, 2005, 118 pp., € 23.50, ISBN 90-5662-463-6 (English), 90-5662-462-8 (Dutch)

Over the last 15 years, the international cultural policy of the Netherlands has evolved in the relative sidelines of cultural debate. The Netherlands presents itself abroad as a highly varied collection of individual artists and arts institutions with international ambitions. In practice, the role of government was primarily to provide favourable conditions.

The casualness of this policy has recently become the subject of heated debate. In the context of the Cultuurnota 2005 - 2008 ('Policy Document on Culture 2005 - 2008') this discussion has also been set on the political agenda, and questions are being raised about the content and organization of international cultural policy. Should the policy be more ambitious and more result-oriented? Should political, economic or societal considerations be involved or is culture an independent mainstay of international policy?

Published in English and in Dutch, this book presents the collected views of art professionals, scholars and policy-makers sharing their insights and views based on four different themes: culture and politics, culture and the economy, international reflection and cultural profiling. Various themes are considered from these four perspectives: culture and Politics, Culture and Economy, International Mediation, and Cultural Profile.

For more information, please contact: NAi Publishers, Mauritsweg 23, 3012 JR Rotterdam, The Neetherlands; tel.: +31(0)10 - 20 10 133; fax: +31(0)10 - 20 10 130; e-mail: info@naipublishers.nl; http://www.naipublishers.nl/art/allthatdutch_e.html