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Nature of the Arts

National Arts Council Annual Report FY2004/05

National Arts Council, Singapore, 2005, 119 pp.

The Singapore National Arts Council has published its Annual Report FY 2004/05 under the title Nature of the Arts a reflection of the life and vibrancy of Singapore's arts scene and the Council's joint efforts with artists, partners and the community to nurture the environment for the arts, aiming to make Singapore a distinctive global city for the arts.

In the past five years, the compound annual growth rate for total arts activities (performance and exhibition days) was 11% and the Council's arts education programmes now reach over 90% of schools and 60% of all students in Singapore. New support schemes, scholarships and training funds have increased the available financial support, leading to the growth of Singapore's semi-professional and professional arts companies, which enjoy a global presence and visibility on the world stage as a new platform, known as The Singapore Season, was introduced by the Council and its partners to showcase Singapore artists and arts companies to international audiences.

The full Report is available online for download by sections at http://www.nac.gov.sg/abo/abo05.asp

For more information, please contact: National Arts Council Singapore, 140 Hill Street, #03-01 MICA Building, Singapore 179369; tel.: (65) 67464622; fax: (65) 68373010; http://www.nac.gov.sg