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Social Innovations in Cultural Process: Strategies for the Development and Survival

Edited by Anatoly V. Malafeev and Vladimir I. Ionesov

Samara Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Samara, 2005, 528 pp., ISBN 5-93424-193-1

Social Innovations in Cultural Process: Strategies for the Development and Survival is the proceedings from the 1st international conference held in Samara in December 2004 that had the aim to review the effect of social innovation and globalization on cultural processes in a variety of fields, including the intercultural encounters and social integration, public communication and service technologies, tourism and diplomacy, management of cultural policy of indigenous and local communities, anthropological studies and World Cultural and Natural Heritage, intercultural reconciliation and history of peacemaking, educational innovations and social transformations.

This collection of scientific articles addresses the social strategies of development and survival of culture based on interdisciplinary approaches and theoretical knowledge. The contributors to this discussion of social innovations in cultural processes come from different fields, be they researchers or practitioners: philosophers, historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, educators and social workers. The collection also includes articles published earlier by Jürgen Habermas, Jacques Derrida and Johan Galtung who took part in The Autograph of Peace of the Samarkand International Museum of Peace and Solidarity as one of the partners of the mentioned conference.

The book consists of five larger chapters divided according to the following themes:

  • Paradigms of Cultural Changes;
  • Traditions and Innovations in Cultural Process: Discourse of Historical and Anthropological Thought;
  • Innovations and Successions in Social and Political History and Law;
  • Ideas of Peace and Non-violence in Cultural Process;
  • Innovations in Social and Cultural Management, Service and Education.

It is interesting to study views represented by the scholars that contributed to the book coming from Australia, India, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, the USA, and Uzbekistan.

The Proceedings represent an attempt for an integrative, multidisciplinary view of cultural processes in a changing world, and as such are a useful addition to the cultural and social anthropologic library.

To find out more or to obtain the book, please contact: Dr. Vladimir Ionesov, Chairman, Samara Society for Cultural Studies, Head, International Department of Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, P.O. Box 3004, RU-443099 Samara, Russia; tel./fax.: +7 846 264 17 11; e-mail: ionesov@mail.ru