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Metropolises of Europe. Diversity in Urban Cultural Life

Report edited by Dorota Ilczuk and Yudhishthir Raj Isar, CIRCLE Publications No. 14, Pro Cultura Foundation, Warsaw 2006

The book is the result of a year-long project carried out by the Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe (CIRCLE) in 2005 under the title Metropolis of Europe Urban Cultural Life and Inter-city Cultural Interactions for "Cultural Diversity" in Europe, aimed at mapping the changing landscape of cultural diversity in Europe's cities. The traditional and emerging forms of cultural pluralism in 9 European cities are explored as contemporary migratory flows and diasporas are generating challenging new variants and mixes of cultural difference.

Europe has a long tradition of cultural plurality, to be sure, but today's developments are novel, and our societies have no alternative but to address unprecedented patterns of interaction with newcomers and their offspring that did not have to be faced by any earlier society. Cultural diversity, whether it is new or of the traditional variety, is now lived in contexts and situations that call for new concepts or radical redefinitions of old ones not least of which is the place of cultural belonging and cultural difference in human, social and political life in general. While many of the issues can be posed at nation-state level, they are lived out most acutely in our metropolitan cities, which have become veritable 'laboratories' for new multi- and inter-cultural processes; it is here that the challenges are the greatest to policy-makers, individuals and communities alike.

The publication can be ordered from Pro Cultura Foundation at procultura@procultura.pl