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Announcement of New Publication

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Seeking the Spoils

By James Eno (Simon Mundy)
Hay Press, Herefordshire, 2006, 8.99 GBP, ISBN 09550050-4-3

Simon Mundy, a cultural policy adviser for many years, has just published his first novel launched on 2 June at the Hay Literary Festival, in which he uses some of the experience he gained lobbying for the arts at the European Parliament in the 1990s.

Using the nom de plume James Eno (to differentiate his novels from his poetry, biographies and cultural policy books), he has written a fast moving thriller of intrigue, humour and passion that contrasts the raw beauty of Scotland with the political machinations of Strasbourg and Brussels.

Seona Mackenzie, young Member of the European Parliament, and Gaynor Schultz, American journalist, have little in common - except age, loneliness, and getting caught in foul weather in the West of Scotland. They find themselves in a battle to save the landscape from the combined threat of corporate greed and political corruption.

Contact: www.haypress.co.uk