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Announcement of New Publication

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Creative Partnerships Literature Reviews

Arts Council England

Creative Partnerships, the Government’s flagship creativity programme for schools and young people, managed by the Arts Council England, has launched a new series of research monographs exploring key issues in current literature, and summarising the latest developments in the fields of creativity and learning. Each one is written by an experienced and respected author in the field and aims to act as a 'stepping-stone' resource to underpin the research conducted by and for Creative Partnerships. The executive summary and bibliography offer pointers for further research and application.

The series so far includes:

  • Rhetorics of Creativity (Shakuntala Banaji & Andrew Burn, Institute of Education, University of London), December 2006 - An important and original report that surveys the core concept of creativity.
  • Youth Voice (Sara Bragg, The Open University), March 2007 - Highlights some of the reasons why young learners should be listened to, in a way that unleashes their creativity and generates genuine dialogue and collaboration.
  • Whole School Change (Pat Thomson, University of Nottingham), forthcoming – Considers the reasons why people engage in school change and the main processes describing how such change occurs.
  • Creative and Cultural Industries (Justin O'Connor, University of Leeds), forthcoming. All monographs are being made available as free downloadable pdf documents from www.creative-partnerships.com/literaturereviews.

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Contact: Naranee Ruthra-Rajan, Creative Partnerships, 14 Great Peter Street, London, SW1P 3NQ,UK; e-mail: naranee.ruthra-rajan@creative-partnerships.com; www.creative-partnerships.com.