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Film Distribution Companies in Europe

Compiled by Andre Lange and Susan Newman-Baudais
European Audiovisual Observatory, 2007, 294 pp., 95 / US$ 142 + 10% postage, ISBN 10 92-871-6020-1, ISBN 13 978-92-871-6020-1

The study provides an in-depth analysis of Europe's theatrical distribution sector with a special focus on companies distributing European films sourced from outside their home territory. Compiled by Andre Lange and Susan Newman-Baudais with the collaboration of Thierry Hugot, this report has been published jointly by Council of Europe and European Audiovisual Observatory.

This publication provides a panorama of distribution companies currently operating in Europe and has a special focus on companies that are particularly active in distributing films falling into the category of non-national European films. More than 128 companies were profiled in 28 European countries. Key topics treated include analysis of the film distribution sector in Europe, market overviews, key players, and market shares. Individual company profiles cover contact details, strategies, financial situations, and European films distributed and admissions for 2000-2005.

For details, please see http://www.obs.coe.int/oea_publ/filmdistribution_index.html.