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Compendium of Reference Documents for Cultural Policies in Africa

Edited by Máté Kovacs
OCPA, Maputo, December 2006, 396 p.

Realized and published by OCPA in co-operation with UNESCO, the International Organization of the Francophony and the Swiss Commission for UNESCO, this book provides, in a unique volume, a collection of reference texts, resolutions, recommendations and declarations concerning culture and its role in development in Africa, adopted since the 1960's, namely by the OAU/AU, UNESCO and the International Organization of the Francophony (OIF).

Intended to serve as a source of information and working instrument for those promoting African cultures and cultural policies, the Compendium also contains an introductory Overview of Objectives and Priorities of Cultural Policies in Africa - From the Pan African Manifesto (1969) to the Charter for the Cultural Renaissance of Africa (2006), as well as a bibliography of some 600 documents and publications concerning cultural policies and cultural development in Africa from the UNESCO and OCPA databases.

For details, please see ocpa.irmo.hr/activities/publics/compendium-en.html.