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Social Innovations in Cultural Process: Art of Management

Edited by A.V. Malefeev and V.I. Ionesov
Samara, Samara International Society for Cultural Studies, 2007, ISBN 978-5-93424-273-3, 564 pp.

The book Social Innovations in Cultural Process: Art of Management gathers the contributions of the Second International Conference carrying the same title, which was held in Samara in December 2005. There are thirty-five articles divided in six chapters of the book each of them offering their own particular take on 'culture' and 'cultural transformation' provoking new debate, opening up new fields of research and questioning conventional assumptions. Multiple meanings of culture as representation, discourse, practice, produce, action or explanation are represented in these proceedings.

One of the aims of the publication was to discuss different approaches, implying the question whether social innovations help us understand the cultural dynamic and determination and ways of culture's transformation and production. The focus is put on the art of management in situations of cultural modification, function of cultural communication and transformation, and the trans-cultural possibilities to understand different modes of survival and development of culture.

The book is divided into six parts:

  • Philosophical and Cultural Aspects of Social Transformations;
  • Management of Social-Cultural Entrepreneurship: Spirit of Enterprise in Economics, Education and Service;
  • Intercultural Communication and Creative Technologies in Innovative Management and Art Industry
  • Traditions and Innovations of Social and Cultural Reforming in Discourse of Historical and Law Knowledge;
  • Pedagogical Process as Art of Management.

All of these chapters aim to show that understanding culture in transition as a dynamic system can add insight to the ways in which cultural and social anthropologists assess the innovative management and communication of these issues.

All articles are presented either in Russian or English.

For more information or to obtain the book, please contact: Vladimir Ionesov, Chairman, Samara International Society for Cultural Studies; Head, International Department, Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, PO Box 3004, RU-443099 Samara, Russia, tel./fax: +7 846 333 13 50; e-mail: ionesov@mail.ru.