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Announcement of New Publication

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Creative Partnerships Literature Reviews

Rhetorics of Creativity

By Shakuntala Banaji and Andrew Burn with David Buckingham, Arts Council England, December 2006, 64 pp.

Consulting Young People

By Sara Bragg, Arts Council England, March 2007, 70 pp.

Whole School Change

By Pat Thomson, Arts Council England, June 2007, 86 pp.

Creative Partnerships, the Arts Council England's flagship creativity and cultural programme, has recently launched a series of literature reviews, commissioned in recognition of the fact that the programme works in cross-disciplinary ways, drawing on the widest fields of endeavour. The reviews thus aim to create a synthesis of current thinking and research in order to foster reflection on some of the key themes underpinning creative practice. They introduce readers to the main principles, theories, research and debates in the field. An executive summary and bibliography offer pointers for further research and application.

The first review, entitled Rhetorics of Creativity, is an original report surveying the core concept of creativity. Issue two, entitled Consulting Young People, highlights some of the reasons why young learners should be listened to, explaining how to generate genuine dialogue and collaboration. Under the title Whole School Change, the third publication offers a robust review of change theory.

Future titles in the series include Creative and Cultural Industries, and The Turn to the Visual.

The reviews are also available as free downloadable PDF documents at www.creative-partnerships.com/literaturereviews.