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The Curriculum Project Report: Culture and Community Development in Higher Education

By Arlene Goldbard
Imagining America, 2008, 77 pp.

Based on the interviews and surveys of hundreds of community artists, educators and friends of the field, The Curriculum Project Report: Culture and Community Development in Higher Education, presents information on the current state of community cultural development education, its strengths and its needs. The Report is available for download at curriculumproject.net/report.html.

With support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Project was launched early in 2007, when the field's rapid growth in writing and documentation, educational programs, and work bridging culture, community development and social change the recognized.

The report is intended as a kind of decentralized conversation among those most involved, in the hope that people will find inspiration in each other's efforts and aspirations, and that this report will contribute to an ongoing critical discourse that will connect all participants even more deeply to their wish to make these programs serve the core values and aims of community cultural development. It includes a description of the field as a context for the report, and remarks on CCD education, current perceptions of the field, and ideas of what is needed now. The report also contains a glossary of key terms and an extensive sampling of current courses and programs at higher educational institutions.

Contact: Jamie Haft, Program Coordinator, tel.: 315-443-8765; e-mail: jmhaft@syr.edu