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Announcement of New Publication

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Yearbook 2008 Film, Television and Video in Europe

European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg, 2008, 288 pp., ISBN: 978-92-871-6467-4

The first volume of the new Yearbook 2008 Film, Television and Video in Europe, published by the European Audiovisual Observatory, is entitled Television in 36 European States.

The 2008 edition of the Yearbook comes, as the previous one, in three languages and in three volumes: this first volume draws a comprehensive picture of the television landscape in the 36 member States of the European Audiovisual Observatory, the second volume will summarize developments in the European television sector, while the third volume will continue to focus on cinema and video.

In its 36 country chapters, this first volume includes:

  • a text summary on recent developemtns in the national television landscapes
  • a fact sheet with all basic figures
  • the audience market share
  • the channels' programme output by genre
  • the financial situation of television companies

More information is available online at www.obs.coe.int