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Mapa Intercultural d'Olsea de Monserrat

By Bárbara Boulocq, Ajuntament d'Olsea de Monserrat, 2008, 79 pp.

The booklet entitled Mapa Intercultural d'Olsea de Monserrat, written by Bárbara Boulocq and published by Municipal Council of Olsea de Monserrat in 2008, aims to map the influence migrations and migrants have on demographic index, urbanistic landscape, educational, cultural and social context, and other aspects of this small community in Catalonia, Spain, that in recent years has gone through demographic change of its population and that today accounts also for a significant part of migrant population among its inhabitants. The text defines the migration phenomenon through different theories and attempts to define causes of the migration phenomena and its impact on the life in the community. It interprets the statistical data related to immigrant populations in schools and other social institutions, and maps intercultural manifestations and other local programs, happening in the community that aim to provide for integration of the migrant community.