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VISAS / The Discordant Note. A White Paper on Visa Issues, Europe & Artists' Mobility

By Ole Reitov and Hans Hjorth
Freemuse, 2008, 23 pp., ISBN 978-87-988163-1-7

During the international trade fair WOMEX 2007, held in Spain, a seminar organised by Michel Winter of Divano Productions discussed the complex visa and work permit issues. Freemuse offered to host the collection of case stories and present a "white paper" to the European Parliament, the EU Commission and colleagues at national and European artists organisations. The initiative was quickly joined by international organisations with huge expertise and experiences in the field of cultural presentations and cultural exchange.

The 'white paper' is based on answers from various European tour and festival organisers and their experiences with visa issuing offices outside Europe, and the paper presents various recommendations to these administrators of the visa systems. If the European countries are serious about honouring their ratification of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity they need to make visa and work permit procedures and the general access to the European market for artists more flexible, transparent and homogenous.

The ‘white paper’ has been forwarded to the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and hopefully international and national music organisations will also make use of the paper. “Lobbying at national level is extremely important in order to improve the current system,” says Ole Reitov.

The full report is available online at http://freemuse.synkron.com/graphics/Activities/Campaigns/PDF/VisaWhitePaper.pdf.

Contact: Marie Korpe, Executive Director, Freemuse, Nytorv 17, DK -1450 Copenhagen Denmark; tel.: +45 33 32 10 17 (direct), +45 33 32 10 27; e-mail: wmarie.korpe@freemuse.org; www.freemuse.org