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Announcement of New Publication

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A System of Indications for Culture and Commuications in Quebec

By Benoit Allaire, Institut de la statistique du Quebec, 2007, Quebec, 60 pp., ISBN : 978-2-550-55056-3 (printed version), 978-2-550-55057-0 (PDF)

A System of Indications for Culture and Commuications in Quebec is a study conducted by Benoit Allaire for the Institut de la statistique du Quebec and Observatoire de la Culture et des Communications du Quebec.

The Observatoire released the first part of the publication entitled The Québec System of Culture and Communications Indicators, which features the theoretical and methodological principles that helped establish the 14 priority indicators. The purpose of those indicators is to measure the key cultural development trends of Québec society.

This theoretical work contributes to the current international debate about the construction of systems of indicators that aim to measure the social and economic trends of cultural development in contemporary societies.

The electronic version of the document is available for free download at www.stat.gouv.qc.ca/observatoire/publicat_obs/pdf/SICCQ07_an.pdf.