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Announcement of New Publication

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Culture and Creative Learning: A Literature Review

By Ken Jones, Creativity, Culture and Education, 2009, 90 pp., ISBN 978-1-907264-00-9

Culture and Creative learning: a review of the literature by Ken Jones is the seventh publication in the Creativity, Culture and Education (CEE) Literature Review Series. This series of research monographs was commissioned to make the most of Creativity, Culture and Education's cross-disciplinary workings, drawing on learning from the widest fields of endeavour. The broad approach, which is fundamental to the eclectic nature of creativity, means that people are often working at the limit of their disciplines.

This report offers a historical and theoretical overview of the idea of culture as it has permeated policy-making, public debate, practices in schools and academic writing. It examines change since the political landscape and shows how deep changes in English society since the Second World War have refined notions of public, elite and popular culture in contested and complex ways.

Free downloadable pdf documents of the book are available online at www.creativitycultureeducation.org/research-impact/literature-reviews/