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Announcement of New Publication

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'Art Works' Cultural Labour Markets: A Literature Review

By Kate Oakley, London, Creativity, Culture and Education Series, 2009, 77 pp, ISBN: 978-1-907264-01-6

The Creativity, Culture and Education Literature Review Series has published its eighth volume entitled 'Art Works' Cultural Labour Markets: A Literature Review. This series of research monographs was commissioned to make the most of Creativity, Culture and Education's cross-disciplinary workings, drawing on learning from the widest fields of endeavor. In this review, Kate Oakley offers an overview of the literature surrounding the nature of work in the cultural industries, as it has permeated policy-making, public debate, and practice across many sub-sectors within the arts, and the cultural sector more generally; and in more academic writing by scholars and cultural commentators.

The publication may be downloaded in PDF format from www.creativitycultureeducation.org/data/files/cce-lit-review-8-a5-web-130.pdf.