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Culture as a Tool for Development: Challenges of Analysis and Action

Edited by Florent Le Duc, ARCADE, 2010, 378 pp., ISBN: 978-2-84143-335-3

This bilingual publication is the result of the project of the Awareness Raising on Culture and Development in Europe (ARCADE) in partnership with the French National Centre for Training of local and regional civil servants (CNFPT).

Drafted according to a project logical framework, this publication presets some reflections and case studies related to the cultural component in the development process. It is organized in three chapters, in line with the field intervention process: mobilizable resources, logics of intervention, and evaluation.

The usefulness of this publication lies in various theoretical points of view and case studies from different parts of the world, which allow other cultural operators to search for answers to some questions that may appear in their own work. The presentation of the cultural component in the development process goes from cases where culture is part of confidence-building measures in conflict zones to cases where culture is a tool for the creation of a society of well-being in developed countries.

Culture as a tool for development is analyzed as a process, starting with the available/existing resources in the field, scrutinizing the grounds for intervention and evaluation of the final outcome. Finally, there are some conclusions and proposals for future investigations and actions. A bibliography and a list of relevant actors in the field at the end, make this publication an even more useful source of information. An added value is the availability of the publication online at arcade.acted.org/images/arcade_livre_et_couv_BD.pdf.