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Announcement of New Publication

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Dutch Mountains

Edited by Yvette Gieles, Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities (SICA), No. 1, January 2010, 48 pp.

This new international magazine focuses on the Dutch culture within the borders of the national state as well as outside its borders. Dutch-born artist and those who came to the Netherlands and embraced it as their home country, express their views on Dutch culture.

In a multicultural globalized world the questions about identity are ever more emerging. The magazine Dutch Mountains is trying to reveal the influence of the Dutch artists on the global culture and at the same time it exposes the influence of the artists from different parts of the world on the Dutch culture and the creation of the Dutch identity.

The magazine aims to inform cultural organizations worldwide of the curious, boundless, creative imagination and vigour of the Netherlands. Leading artists, cultural professionals and photographers like Maria Barnas, Danielle van Zuijlen, Joël van Houdt, Dries Verhoeven, Sandra Jongenelen and Koen Kleijn are represented in this issue.

The view offered to us from the top of the Dutch Mountains is the one of a country and its people in a continuous interaction one with another and with the world. It is a patchwork that forms a multicultural society.

If you would like to order a copy, please contact SICA at post@sica.nl. The publication is also available on line at www.sica.nl/en/content/en-dutch-mountains-magazine