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Announcement of New Publication

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Digital Design Manual

Edited by Marco Hemmerling and Anke Tiggermann, DOM publishers, Berlin, Germany, 2011, 150 pp, ISBN 978-3869221380

Over the last few years, the influence of digital methods on the conceptualisation, development and realisation of architectural designs had increased significantly. As the computer and related software programmes and applications have found their way into almost every architecture office, the influence of digital technology increases further. The Digital Design Manual introduces different digital tools and includes tutorials based on everyday practice, which will be helpful in architectural design and planning stages.

The book is organised in seven parts; starting with a best practice example of the application of digital technology (UN Studio's Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart). At the beginning of each chapter, a short introduction illustrates the particular topic in the context of digital tools, with topics ranging from the most important aspects of CAAD (Computer Aided Architectural Design), to 3D-models, visualisation, animation and digital fabrication, as well as image editing and layout. This easy-to-use book is ideal for CAD starters but also for busy professionals such as architects and interior designers.

For more information, please visit www.dom-publishers.com