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Announcement of New Publication

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Waves of Energy Culture of Coexistence

San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture 2016, San Sebastian City, Officina San Sebastian 2016, 2010, ISBN: 978-84-89668-80-5

The city of San Sebastian has published a book based on the materials of the San Sebastian candidature for the European Capital of Culture 2016, a cultural project centring its proposal on people and their ability to transform reality; endeavouring to recover the social effect of culture, committed to the Energy of Citizens and Culture for Coexistence.

San Sebastian's Candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2016 was set around a core idea acting as a pivot for the entire project and is centred in the slogan 'waves of energy', that is, people and movements of citizens are the real driving force behind transformations and changes in the world. The project took two years to be realized and was designed as an outcome of intense collective and participatory work resulting from over 500 proposals that were received from the locals. The project is focused around three capital verbs (coexisting, conversing and converging) and seven lighthouses that are standing on the Basque Coast, the territory of the Candidacy, each representing the different subjects approached by the San Sebastian 2016 project.

The book, presenting San Sebastian's cultural project through a multitude of photographs, maps, and carefully chosen texts that outline the key aspects of the project, may be downloaded in the .pdf format from www.sansebastian2016.eu/web/guest/proyecto-cultural/proyecto