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An Insight into Selected Film Funding Systems

By European Audiovisual Observatory, IRIS Plus 2011-2, Strasbourg, Council of Europe Publishing, 2011, 45 pp., ISBN: 978-92-871-7087-3

How are film aid systems structured? How and according to what criteria are projects selected for aid? Do aid systems have anything in common? Do European models have an impact on the structure of national film aid mechanisms? Are national systems bound by certain overriding rules? These are some of the questions posed and answered in IRIS plus 2011-2: An Insight into Selected Film Funding Systems, the title that looks at the theme of direct film aid and examines a group of states which have previously attracted little attention in this regard: the states of South-East Europe.

Despite the economic crisis, the effects of which can also be seen in the audiovisual sector, film production in the EU states reached a record high in 2009, with almost 1,200 cinematographic works produced. The fact that this record was set in 2009 suggests that it was the public film aid system in Europe which prevented production levels from collapsing.

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