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Heritage and Humanism: Cultural Anthropology in Service to Humankind

Edited by Vladimir I. Ionesov and Stephanie Wesbauer-Hohenwart, Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Samara, 2010, 230 pp., ISBN 978-5-88293-262-5

Heritage and Humanism: Cultural Anthropology in Service to Humankind publishes a collection of papers from an international scientific conference held in Samara in 2009. In this book anthropological and humanistic foundations of world heritage are considered as great resources of cultural creativity, peace-building and social development. As patterns of world heritage preserve the valuable experience of cultural diversity, traditional awareness and folk creativity for humanity, anthropological artefacts can be strong instruments of intercultural reconciliation and social development. However, many cultures and traditional societies are under threat of destruction and disappearance due to global transformations and technological expansion. It is necessary to preserve historical memory and cultural succession of generations for the sustainable development of the global civilization, especially in a continuously changing culture. The book is dedicated to the humanistic service of Anna Hohenwart-Gerlachstein and her great contribution to the International Commission of Urgent Anthropological Research and to interethnic reconciliation and multicultural integration.

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