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Semiotics of Crisis: Imperatives of Survival, Renovation and Development

Edited by Andrey V. Biriukov and Vladimir I. Ionesov, Samara Society for Cultural Studies, Samara, 2010, 528 pp., ISBN 978-5-84270-728-6

This book contains the proceedings from the international scientific conference Semiotics of Crisis: Imperatives of Survival, Renovation and Development, organized by the Samara Institute Higher School of Privatization and Enterprise and the Samara Society for Cultural Studies on 19-20 May 2010. The book covers the theoretical and practical frameworks of interdisciplinary research on semiotic manifestations of crisis phenomena, the debates they have triggered, and the way that anti-crisis management has developed to change culture in a global era. The thirty-eight articles of this book are divided into four chapters:

  • Semiotics of Crisis in Discourse of Interdisciplinary Knowledge,
  • Crisis and Anti-Crisis Management: Social-Economic Imperatives,
  • Crisis and Social Adaptation in Polycultural World, and
  • Crisis and Social Reforming in Discourse of Historical and Pedagogical Knowledge.

Each section features recent essays by scholars and professionals working in the areas of crisis study and management of transformation. The semiotic meanings of crisis are considered key sociological themes, applying semiotic analysis to areas such as economics, education, social practice and historical development. This collection is dedicated to the 2010 UN International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures and the UN Decade (2005-2014) of Education for Sustainable Development.

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