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Le fil de l'esprit Augustin Girard, un parcours entre recherche et action

Comité d'histoire du Ministère de la Culture, La Documentation française, 2011, 336 pp., ISBN: 978-2-11-128143-1

Aiming to make better known one of the most stimulating thoughts regarding the challenges of today's cultural policies, the work Le fil de l'esprit Augustin Girard collects the major works by Augustin Girard and researchers who have worked with him or under his leadership, as well as conversations with authorities responsible for cultural policies, or French and foreign so called 'great witnesses' of his path. This is a homage by his contemporaries to one of the world's beacons of culture. To what degree can research contribute to defining a public policy of culture? This is the question which, since 1963, Augustin Girard aimed to answer by creating, at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Studies and Research Service. The writings that mark his professional path testify of permanent dialectics between research and action, and of a surprising capacity to formalise, in an often precocious manner, certain determining notions in the history of public cultural policies.