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Announcement of New Publication

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Culture & Médias 2020 : un ministère nouvelle génér@tion

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, 2012, 62 pp.

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication has just published a new report entitled Culture & Médias 2020 : un ministère nouvelle génér@tion. The report is a strategic summary of the March 2011 publication Culture & Médias 2030, prospective de politiques culturelles, which used scenarios to explore and identify the main challenges facing cultural policies in the early 21st century. This strategic reflection attempts to provide answers to these challenges and provide guidance in this era of multiple technical, social, and economic changes. The report is the product of an exercise in strategic thinking by the various ministerial departments. It highlights the need for a comprehensive strategy in the digital era in order to keep pace with the effects of non-renewal of cultural practices across the generations and to take action respecting their transmission. It calls for new forms of governance that are more horizontal with local authorities and public institutions and more active in their relations with the European Union in order to conduct policy that is better attuned to the evolution of social, economic, cultural, and cognitive issues in culture and communication.

To view the publication, please visit the French Ministry of Culture and Communication website at www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Actualites/Missions-et-rapports/Synthese-Culture-Medias-2020