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Announcement of New Publication

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D'Art Report 41: Creative Intersections: Partnerships Between the Arts, Culture and Other Sectors

By Annamari Laaksonen, edited by Sarah Gardner, IFACCA, 2012, 128 pp.

This report represents one of the first attempts to research and analyse creative intersections, their forms and structures and the policies that influence them. The objective of the research project was to look at the ways that artists are working in diverse settings (from communities through to the commercial sector) and the nature of partnerships ('intersections') that exist between the arts and other sectors. It also looked at the ways that governments at all levels (local, national, international) initiate, support or influence such relationships through policies or programmes. A preliminary version of this report was published as a discussion paper for the 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture held in Melbourne, Australia, on 3-6 October 2011.

The report covers four key areas. The first is a general review of creative intersections and the types of sectors where these intersections occur, based largely on the information gathered from the respondents and Summit delegates and the material uncovered by desk research. The second is a perspective on the structural aspects of partnerships prompted by the information and vision provided by the experts consulted. The third summarises the policies and programmes undertaken by the funding bodies surveyed, and the fourth identifies elements and themes for further research and discussion.

For further information please visit www.ifacca.org/topic/creative-intersections/