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Imagine There's No Copyright

The indispensable book Imagine There's No Copyright and No Cultural Conglomerates Too..., written by Joost Smiers and Marieke van Schijndel, has now been published in German and Russian:

No Copyright – Vom Machtkampf der Kulturkonzerne um das Urheberrecht – Eine Streitschrift, Alexander Verlag Berlin, 2012, 168 p., ISBN 978-3-89581-275-0, and

Predstav'te, čto kopirajta net – A takže razmyšlenija o transnacional'nyh korporacijah, kontrolirujuših kul'turnye aktivy, Izdatel'skij Dom Klassika-XXI, 2012

Copyright, in the view of Joost Smiers and Marieke van Schijndel, presents an obstacle. They propose the abolishment of copyright. Can we imagine there is no copyright and no cultural conglomerates too?

Yes, dear Joost, we can imagine it, and we would like to live in a world without both. But the question remains how to find "a real mechanism to replace copyright and the associated domination of cultural markets".

Yours, Culturelink Team