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No. 7, International Cultural Centre (ICC), Krakow, 2012

The Krakow International Cultural Centre (ICC) published the 7th issue of its quarterly Herito, under the title Stories form Countries Which Are No More, taking a look at whether the time elapsed since the disintegration of the East block helped a sober judgement or whether it coloured memories with nostalgia In 1989 Poland bordered with three countries. Just a few years later none of them existed. During this memorable autumn Milan Kundera's dream was fulfilled: that the countries from that part of Europe return from the East, where they wrongly found themselves, to where they belonged – if not in the West then at least in the Centre.

In addition, in the issue Katarzyna Jagodzińska writes about a Berlin bunker which currently holds an unusual collection of contemporary art, Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga presents the second life of cities including Essen, Katowice, Lille and Lodz, Maciej Czerwiiski and Lukasz Galusek bring back the artistic work of the outstanding Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, and Wojciech Wilczyk, Riegels Halili and Magdalena Bystrzak share their impressions of Central-European exhibitions and books.

Contact: Magdalena Wronnska-Sudol, Press, Radio, TV, e-mail: m.sudol@mck.krakow.pl, herito@mck.krakow.pl; www.herito.pl