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Key Concepts in Creative Industries

SAGE Publications Ltd, 2012, 200 pp., ISBN 9781446202890

Creativity is an attribute of individual people, but also a feature of organizations like firms, cultural institutions and social networks. In the knowledge economy of today, creativity is of increasing value, for developing, emergent and advanced countries, and for competing cities. This book is the first to present an organized study of the key concepts that underlie and motivate the field of creative industries. Written by a world-leading team of experts, it presents readers with compact accounts of the history of terms, the debates and tensions associated with their usage, and examples of how they apply to the creative industries around the world. Crisp and relevant, this is an invaluable text for students of the creative industries across a range of disciplines, especially media, communication, economics, sociology, creative and performing arts and regional studies.

The authors of the book are John Hartley, Curtin University, Australia, and Cardiff University, Wales; Jason Potts, RMIT University, Australia; Stuart Cunningham, Terry Flew, Michael Keane and John Banks, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.