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Announcement of New Publication

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The Creative Industries. Culture and Policy

By Terry Flew. SAGE Publications Ltd, 2012, 248 pp., ISBN 9781847875761

The rise of creative industries requires new thinking in communication, media and cultural studies, media and cultural policy, and the arts and information sectors. The book The Creative Industries sets the agenda for these debates, providing a richer understanding of the dynamics of cultural markets, creative labour, finance and risk, and how culture is distributed, marketed and creatively re-used through new media technologies. This book:

  • develops a global perspective on the creative industries and creative economy,
  • draws insights from media and cultural studies, innovation economics, cultural policy studies, and economic and cultural geography,
  • explores what it means for policy-makers when culture and creativity move from the margins to the centre of economic dynamics,
  • makes extensive use of case studies in ways that are relevant not only to researchers and policy-makers, but also to the generation of students who will increasingly be establishing a 'portfolio career' in the creative industries.

International in coverage, The Creative Industries traces the historical and contemporary ideas that make the cultural economy more relevant than it has ever been. It is essential reading for students and academics in media, communication and cultural studies.